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about us Because access to artistic practice is a right PRE-REGISTRATION MUSIC / STAGE / SOCIAL INCLUSION


Xamfrà originated from L’ARC Música Foundation in 2004 in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona.

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About us

A meeting place where we work to guarantee the fulfilment of the universal right to artistic practice.

Our values

Generosity, commitment, permeability, trust and cooperation accompany us in everything we do.
com treballem

How we work

Creating shared artistic spaces, including all kinds of audiences, providing educational support, networking ... and much more.


"Man does not live by bread alone. If I were hungry and helpless in the street, I would not ask for a loaf of bread; I would ask for half a loaf and a book". Federico García Lorca

What we do

We work in three main areas: socio-education, training and the creation of a network that makes our socio-educational work possible.

Arts and Socio-education Training with the arts Network


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We end 2019 with more awards
Xamfrà participates in the recording of the new ColaCao song


Xamfrà would not be what it is without the help of our collaborators. Thank you very much!


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C/ de les Tàpies, 9 | 08001 Barcelona