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Everyone can participate.
Because we are permeable and we adapt to the needs of the context.


The groups that participate in the different activities that we organise at Xamfrà are diverse at all levels.

Because the lack of economic resources should not be an impediment. From the principle of generosity, at Xamfrà those who can pay, pay and contribute what they can. Because we trust in people. Because our commitment is with people and territory. At Xamfrà we always have an open door for anyone who wants to participate. If you want to take part, come and we will talk!

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From 0 to 3 years old

Come with your baby to create a bond, play with music and movement and enjoy a good time together.

We learn songs, dance, listen, invent movements, play instruments and discover ways to have fun through artistic games.

We also discover that music and movement allow us to create atmospheres, provoke emotions and help us to express them, at the same time as providing spaces for relationships and coexistence.

Between 4 and 7 years old

If you have a son or daughter between 4 and 7 years old, they can come to play music, to move and express themselves, having a pleasant time through sensory experiences, involving the body and the senses. We do body percussion, dance, creative movement, play small percussion instruments, sing songs and make small musical and corporal creations.

We do this as a group, focusing on how we relate to each other and the ways we find to live together, understand each other and help each other.

If you are between 8 and 14 years old

From the age of 8 you can create your own itinerary, deciding which artistic disciplines you want to learn about and explore. The experimental artistic process itself will help you to commit yourself and to develop an aesthetic criterion based on the rigour that all artistic practice requires.

You can make music, participating in ensembles such as choirs, orchestras, bands, ‘colla’, percussion groups and Orff groups. In these groups, through music, we learn to work as a team, where we are all necessary to enjoy what we do.

We learn to listen, to respect the contributions of our companions, to value the need for silence at certain times and to discover the possibilities of our own voice.

You can learn to play and enjoy playing a musical instrument, shared with other classmates (if you don’t have an instrument, don’t worry, at Xamfrà we’ll be happy to give you one!).

You can do dance, where you will discover the possibilities of communication through your own body. We work on traditional dance to get to know the roots of the space we share; contemporary dance, where we explore our own centre of gravity, the anatomy of our body, directions, space, contact and the manipulation of energy.

Through theatre you can explore actions and reactions based on emotions, discovering yourself in the process and discovering your partners.

You can do theatre discovering that it is a game that allows us to transport ourselves to different scenarios and realities (possible and impossible). We work by imagining how we want to represent different situations and how we improvise in them. There are rules that we learn to respect through group work: listening, mutual respect and acceptance of each other’s proposals.

From 14 years old

While continuing to grow through the arts and according to your interests, you will be able to deepen the technical aspects of each artistic discipline and the mastery of each of the languages.

Combos, youth vocal group, theatre, choreography, video, instrument, orchestra, band… are part of the range of activities in which you can participate.

In this age group, many young people begin to be a reference for the younger ones, as they proactively make proposals in relation to repertoire, new workshops, activities, themes to approach, etc.


At Xamfrà we also offer artistic activities for groups of adults based on their demands and needs. The permanent contact with entities and services of the territory and the principle of permeability from which Xamfrà works, allow the formation of percussion groups, choir, ‘batucada’, theatre…

Can you help us to achieve the universal right to artistic practice?