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Everyone can participate.
Because we are permeable and we adapt to the needs of the context.


1 Filling in the pre-enrolment form does not guarantee a place. You will need to register in person at Xamfrà in order to formalise your enrolment
2 The following have priority to participate in Xamfrà:

· Children and young people without access to other artistic activities for economic reasons, among others
· Children and young people referred by Social Services, neighbourhood schools, CRAES, Caritas, open centres, social foundations…
· Children and young people qho already came to Xamfrà the previous year.

3 With the rest of places available, a draw will be made if necessary.
4 Xamfrà adapts to the econnomic means of each family/person. At the time of enrolment we will inform you of the real cost in order to raise collective awareness
5 No child or young person should miss out on workshops at Xamfrà for economic reasons. Come to Xamfrà and we will resolve each case individually
6 To register in person you need to bring a photocopy of your health card (only children and young people who are new to the centre).

Click on the "Register" button and you will be able to access the form to pre-register at Xamfrà.

Can you help us to achieve the universal right to artistic practice?