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New image and website

New image and website
Després de 16 anys toca renovar-nos i així ho fem. Coincidint amb la renovació del web, estrenem nou grafisme.

After 16 years, it’s time to renew ourselves and we have done so. Coinciding with the renewal of the website, we are launching a new corporate image. The new Xamfrà logo is directly inspired by a chamfered corner in the Eixample district of Barcelona where many elements interact: where people enter and leave, go up and down, where everyone can pass by, stay or leave, where many things happen. Moreover, the rectangles of the symbol show the diversity of colours, framing our key words: music / scene / social inclusion.

A statement of intent.

The new website, full of interesting information, explains Xamfrà in a clear and orderly way.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please send them to :