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Performance at the 25th November Award Ceremony

Performance at the 25th November Award Ceremony
Since 2005, Barcelona City Council has been awarding the 25th November Prize on the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and within the framework of the Citizen's Agreement for a Barcelona free of violence against women.

Based on the premise that male violence is a serious violation of human rights, Barcelona City Council wants to contribute to progress towards full citizenship, autonomy and freedom for women in the city.

The aim of the call is to offer economic resources and institutional support to facilitate the realization of the winning project, which must be unpublished or at the beginning of its implementation.

Xamfrà participated in the 2019 ceremony as winners of the 2018 award. We showed a piece of the show Untamed: the scene of patriarchy and the Rap of patriarchy. It was a great success and was very well received.