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A meeting place where we work to guarantee the fulfilment of the universal right to artistic practice.


Here are the documents of the last few years.

You can find out to where Xamfrà's efforts are leading in more detail. Xamfrà is financed by a hybrid formula, which consists of contributions from different sources: public, private, resources of the Fundació L'ARC Música and resources generated by the entity itself.


Xamfrà: Objectives, how and what
Xamfrà Report academic year 2017-2018
Xamfrà Report academic year 2018 - 2019
Xamfrà Report academic year 2019-2020
Xamfrà Report academic year 2020-2021
L'ARC Música Foundation Audit 2018
L'ARC Música Foundation Audit 2019
L'ARC Música Fundation Audit 2020

Can you help us to achieve the universal right to artistic practice?